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I'm Josie 

A fully qualified and registered Nutritional Therapist, based in Bristol. 


I find the human body fascinating and am constantly amazed by our innate ability to heal when given the best environment. I love to share this knowledge, to help others on their healing journey and to get in touch with their bodies.


Photo of Josie

My story... 

I have suffered from eczema all my life, with regular flare-ups getting increasingly worse as time went on. After a particularly restrictive period of full body skin inflammation, and finding no further help from conventional medicine, I started to look at a more natural approach.

This led me to see a Nutritional Therapist myself. When asked many questions about my health I realised just how out of touch I was with myself, my emotions and my body I was.

After working with them I developed a deeper understanding of how to read my body, when I felt good and in balance. I noticed my sleep, my mood and my energy improve. I also noticed a massive improvement in my skin and what triggered it.


A few years after this I ventured into training as an NT myself.

I completed a 3 year diploma in naturopathic nutritional therapy at the College of Naturopathic Medicine.

This course gave me the academic foundations of how the mind and body work together as a whole, the healing power of nutrition and lifestyle and the practical grounds to put this knowledge into practice.

I am constantly learning and developing as a practitioner.

I regularly undertake seminars, short courses and keep up to date with the latest science and research.

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Want to work together? 

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