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COTTON ON; a unique and limited edition abstract art, hand made Screen Print. Bold, botanical, original, unique, patterns inspired nature

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This stunning and delicate 8 layer screen print is from a project looking into the production and history of cotton.
This print is from the cross section of a cotton plant's stem.

Each print is hand made, with each of the colours/layers hand pulled onto high quality Southbank paper and is a limited edition run of only 15.

The print comes unframed, but it is possible to opt for a framed option. I work with an indipendent framers who use beautiful selection of natural woods and make good quality frames. If you would like the option of framed Print, please send me a little more information on personal preference of colours etc, or I will chose a natural wood and mount colour.

Please be aware the delivery time may be slightly longer in this case, and there will be a price increase.

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