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Work with me...

I offer a free 15 minute discovery call, this is not a consultation, but an opportunity to see if we want to work together. You can ask about the process, how I work and what to expect. I can ask a bit more about you, your situation and why you want to come and see me. 


If we are a good fit then you can book on. 

Photo of Josie nutritionist

3    M O N T H    N U T R I T I O N    P L A N 

From £295

This includes: 

  • Initial appointment 75-90 minutes 

  • 2 x Follow up appointments 45-60 minutes long

  • 3 x 15 minute check ins over the phone

  • A clear, focused diet & lifestyle plan unique to you

  • Handouts, recipes, podcast and media recommendations where suitable

  • Diet analysis and feedback 

  • Recommendations for any functional testing, if required 

  • Analysis of any functional test results or previous test results (to be provided before appointment) 

  • Recommendations for and access to high end supplements, as required

  • Hours of ‘behind the scenes’ research into your case

I hold my clinics either online via google meet or in my practice room in Bristol, whichever suits.

Everyone is unique and requires different levels of support. For many people this will only be a starting point. On these occasions I can give a price for further follow-up sessions.

So what should you expect... 

I’ll send over a few documents to be completed and returned  least 3 days before our first meeting, along with any recent test results: 

An easy to complete questionnaire, asking about your current health status and for a full medical history. It covers all the systems in your body, family history and medications.  

A 5 day food diary with a few additional questions about sleep and mood. 

We will then meet either over Google meet or in person at my Bristol practice. 


The initial appointment lasts around 75-90 minutes, taking a deep dive into your symptoms, your health history and your medications. We also run through all the systems in your body.

This is your chance to be really honest.

Everything is totally confidential, and judgment free.

After the initial session I will send over my recommendations, in a clear diet, lifestyle and supplement plan.

I may send over and organise any functional testing suggestions.

I will also send over any other handouts, recipes or media support that might help you out. 

4 weeks after the initial meeting, will have our first follow-up. 

The follow-up sessions last 45-60 minutes, here we can see what’s working, what isn’t and build on what you are already doing.

 I will go through any functional test results. 

After this session I will send on my updated recommendations in a new ‘plan’

After the initial and each follow-up I offer a 15-20 minute ‘touch points’, where we can check in and see how things are working. You can ask any questions about the plan & testing here.

This is usually over the phone but can also be via email if you prefer.

In between each session I will be researching your case and keeping upto date with the latest science. All of your plans & recommendations will be backed up with hours of ‘behind the scenes’ research, and broken down into easily digestible information.

Nutritional therapy is a journey, it takes time and effort. 

I am excited to support you on your path to health. 


Want to work together? 

Sign up for a free discovery call 

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