Multidisciplinary designer and Printmaker, Josie creates limited edition prints from her studio in Bristol. 

Primarily using the traditional method of silk screen printing, all of Josie's work is all hand-made from the initial design of the image, through the mixing of the inks and the final hand pulling of each colour using silk screen method to create limited edition, original pieces of art. 

With runs of under 20 you will always be receiving a unique piece of art, rather than a digitally printed replica. 

Heavily influenced by the incredible geology and geography found around the world. Her most recent project is a study of volcanoes and tectonic movements and looks at the beautiful structures, forms and patterns to be found in the various rocks, stones and precious gems. Josie's work graphically express in vivid colours how these powerful and magical formations have been constructed.

Always looking for new projects, commissions or collaborations.

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